David X Daisy (pronounced David By Daisy) is one part David the Dreamer, and one part Daisy GlammourHammour, the drag persona that has always empowered David to live his life out loud.

An Alabama native faggot, David first glimpsed into his future in clubland on an episode of Queer as Folk in 2001, which he was viewing wide-eyed with the volume on 2 in the dark of his bedroom in the dead of night. 15 years later, he came to NYC and its been a lovely, steady spiral downward ever since.

His awkward social graces are often accompanied by half-assed outfits that don’t last the night, the intention to spread the message of love to all, and a general sense of dissociation from reality.

The goal of David X Daisy is to give permission to everyone to live their lives out loud too.

Daisy loves you.


Photo: Santiago Felipe for Battle Hymn

Photo: Santiago Felipe for Battle Hymn