I recall a trip I once made to NYC with my dear friend C in 2014, cavorting about town as we did. In our itinerary of places to be seen, I'd made note of a particular party of interest that seemed too risqué for us to put on the official docket. But after retiring to the hotel, I still had mischief on my mind. So I ventured out in the wee hours to find this den of iniquity, this solace of sleaze - I went to find the infamous HustlaBall.

I snuck my way down to the venue's location at 28th St. The sun was starting to rise, and I thought perhaps I'd catch a few stragglers. I checked a door, and slunk into a dark hallway to see if I could find the remnants of the scene, only to get a little lost, but somewhat satisfied that I'd at least tried. Reflecting on that morning, I now know that venue to be Slake, relative to my world as the former home of Holy Mountain - the party that was a deciding factor of my coming to NYC. Funny to think that all those years ago, I was already seeking entry to the places I would come calling for soon thereafter.

So I never got my HustlaBall experience, and that was its last New York edition - until this year. HustlaBall is returning under the direction of Anthony John, Fabrice Marino, and Free Radical Design Group as part of the Solidarity weekend of events during WorldPride. It will be taking over 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn on Thursday, June 27, as Pride weekend starts going full tilt.

And to my surprise, I was invited by Anthony to come play host at the damn thing! I thought, "Now what do they think my nelly, pearl-clutching ass is going to do there? Are they expecting me to bring my pink lunchbox and collection of Clarin's Light Lip Comfort Oils I won at Stephanie Stone's Disco Bingo? I certainly think not.”

So I called up Anthony, told him just that, but that I would be honored to play part of the party. See, for all my asexual tendencies, I am nothing if not a voyeur. I can perch picturesque and pull out my opera glasses when it is just getting good, gurl. Let's face it, I'm a sucker for production value. If you're going to put on a show, put on a good one, and save me a seat!

Anthony was thrilled to hear this would be my first HustlaBall experience, especially after I'd missed my moment in 2014. And I had to say, I was impressed by what they were bringing. The roster of DJs (Steven Redant, Dawson, Chris Bekker) is a perfect mix, but Free Radical Design Group in charge of that space in 3DB is an absolute winner for me. Guy Smith designed that space and knows EXACTLY how she ticks, so I'm particularly excited to see that in action. Then add the signature erotic shows with a massive international lineup of pornstars, and I suppose I'll have to gussy up for the occasion.

I had Anthony give me the lowdown on what we could expect at HustlaBall NYC.

* * *

DXD: What can we expect from the live shows?

AJ: An All-Star lineup of two dozen porn stars on two stages giving performances throughout the night. HustlaBall is known for our live porn star shows .. and this year will be no different, as we feature some of the biggest and most popular guys from the industry doing what they do best LIVE. Where many parties have tried to replicate, there is only one, the original,HustlaBall.

DXD: Who are some of the names we can expect? What studios will be represented? Will there be any amateur types that aren't from the studio world?

 AJ: We have a big lineup, and something for everyone, but some of the most familiar names include; Rocco Steele, Dominic Pacifico, Phoenix Fellington, Cutler X, Alex Mecum, Ricky Roman, Jesse Jackman and Teddy Torres to name a few … and that is only 1/3 of the lineup!

HustlaBall is known to feature models who may only be seen in one niche or one studio, and we tear down the walls to show you pairing that you may never see anywhere. We always like to push our stars to show the crowd a different side of them – if they have a hidden kink or fetish, this is where you will see it. The adult industry is very diverse, so yes, you will see very familiar fan favorites of the studio world alongside. maybe lesser known, or up and coming, or even international, models who are making their American debut. We strive to not only feature superstars, but love to give the crowd a new face (or cock, or ass, or body) to follow and admire.

DXD: Can you tease any surprises in store? People expect the sex, but what else will make this HustlaBall different for WorldPride?

AJ: HustlaBall started in NYC and ruled supreme here for almost 20 years, so this is a homecoming for us, and no better time than this historic weekend! We are pulling all stops for our big return. We are teaming up with the Free RadicalsDesign Group (Guy Smith and Robert Montenegro) to build off the already amazing space that is 3 Dollar Bill (the largest queer nightclub in Brooklyn) and its incredible, industrial vibe, giving our guests an immersive experience while changing the standard layout and flow of the space to create a venue unique to HustlaBall. Our lineup of DJ’s, from the local favorite DJ Dawson, to our international DJs, like the highly celebrated Steven Redant, and one of Europe’s most well-known Electro DJ’s Chris Bekker of Berghain fame; we are giving the crowd a refreshing change to the norm they will get at most other parties for the weekend. As far as surprises, there's only one way to find that out! 

DXD: Will guests be able to not only watch, but do their own thing as well?

AJ: Absolutely! The HustlaBall Live Shows are part of the overall party, but not the only thing. Some guests come just for the shows, and that’s great, while others see the shows as visual stimulus, a setter of the mood. We are a place that is open to all and we welcome all! If you wanna come see the world-famous live shows, then please do – you won’t see better ones anywhere. If you want to stand center of the dance floor and absorb the pounding of the bass as our incredible DJ’s take you on a journey, do just that. If you wanna cruise all night and explore yourself and others, this is your time to shine. Though maybe there are those who say, "HustlaBall isn’t their thing.” Well to them, I say, try us. I guarantee your thing is our thing, and you will leave very, very happy.

DXD: Is there anything you would request of guests to make the experience best for everyone?

AJ: We are a zero-drama, zero-judgment sanctuary. Just bring your best self, and treat people and their barriers with respect. Come with an open mind and be part of the overall experience for yourself and every one around you. After all, this is a party and this is pride, so have fun. Also, this is a NO CAMERA Party so, you guessed it, no cameras or recording devices allowed at ALL. Prepare to hand your phone in at clothes check. Thats right,you are about disconnect to connect – revolutionary I know!

DXD: Hear, hear! Now the most important question - What do we WEAR?

AJ: Your body is your canvas and you are the artist (cliché, but truth!) However you want to express yourself is welcome and encouraged. We will have a clothes check, but keep in mind, its going to be very busy, so the less you bring in the better. Though we would love full nudity, there are laws, so keep a little to the imagination and wear something sexy. Leather is always a go-to and you can never go wrong with jeans or a jock and a harness, but again, just be and embrace your individuality.

DXD: Any advice for a first time attendee such as myself?

AJ: Nothing beats a good cherry-popping .. and we cannot wait to pop yours! Hmm, I would just say, have an open mind. Forget what you have heard (good or bad) about HustlaBall. Come ready to write your own story and experience. Each HustlaBall is unique and different. If you go to HustlaBall Vegas you will get a completely different, more approachable experience than if you attend HustlaBall Berlin, which is harder and more shaper-edged in their approach. NYC is that sweet spot right in the middle. HustlaBall is unique because we have everything a big party has, while maintaining intimacy. Its a balance that over our 22 years, I think people appreciate and truly enjoy. So I repeat what I said earlier; “Where many parties have tried to replicate, there is only one, the original, Hustlaball.” We have something no other event does, and I am beyond excited to be bringing this global brand back home to NYC as an Official Event of WorldPride and on the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall! 

* * *

And there you have it! HustlaBall is sure to satisfy and I can't wait to see how this turns out. Join me on Thursday, June 27, with this incredible crew as we welcome this celebration of the sexual back to NYC. Get your tix before they sell out, and they will.


David X Daisy

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