His parties are the textbook definition of a carry. His style to me is “Trash Bro, But Make It Fashion, Then Make That Sexy.” He’s the master of the stunt, and has stayed on the pulse of what the kids want right between commercial and underground nightlife - which I think is exactly where you want to be. He snatched four trophies at this year’s Glammy’s. Frankie Sharp is the epitome of the NYC Hustle.

You know what he’s done. WestGay is in the pages of NYC nightlife lore forever more. Something Special at Public Arts in 2017 was a moment I wanted to last forever. And who wasn’t pissed when Moxy Hotel cancelled Magic Sundays last year because the party was too turnt for hotel guests?

My first Frankie party was BEEF at the former EasternBloc in LES. In fact, I believe it was a dancer at BEEF that stopped me on my way to the bathroom, bent over, and suggested I grow a mustache. I literally just put that together while writing this. So you can all thank Frankie for my lip tickler.

All that to say, Frankie Sharp has been hard at it and is a driving force in keeping nightlife alive in NYC. That’s why I selected him as my debut WRQ article on DaisyDoesIt, as I aim to celebrate those doing it well for the kids. Check out my interview with him below for what he’s doing now, how he does it, and why you shouldn’t be a cunt, honey.

* * *

DXD: Hii Frankie! You’re busy as hell right now. How do you do it all?

FS: My favorite thing in the world is to create a vast spectrum of queer spaces for all of us… so I just do it. I’m so grateful that it is my job in life and I’m not stuck behind a desk and making someone else’s dream come true. I am literally doing what I love to do, so getting up in the morning to start curating, producing and moving all the parts to create beauty is a true human honor.

DXD: So how many parties do you have a hand in right now?

FS: Three weekly dance parties:

“BOYS” @ Rebar, “MetroSensual" @ Metropolitan in Brooklyn, “DreamLand" @ Dream Hotel Downtown. A seasonal rave called GODMOTHER - the next one being Halloween. And I had a live band and performative cabaret called MARY that I directed and performed in for the last year. However, she’s getting a facelift and I am producing a new show called “SHOWS” at a brand new music venue and miniclub opening up in Brooklyn, called Turks Inn. I’m also special events director and consultant at Brooklyn megaclub 3 Dollar Bill.

DXD: You recently launched the new summer Sunday soiree, DreamLand. What's the vibe/lqqk/feel?

FS: Summertime surREALNESS and Daytime DRAMA!

The children are pushing the looks, the boys are bringing the BODY and my rotating roster of DJs are bringing the beats for all of us to carry on to. Resident DJS myself, P_A_T, DICAP, and Mazurbate with guests Nita Aviance and Juliana Huxtable will be bringing the dramatic soundtrack, and I also have surprise performances all summer long. The goal is that if you don’t make it to Fire Island this summer, not to fret - because I’ll be giving you that every Sunday at DreamLand.

DXD: Is there any person/moment in NYC nightlife lore that has especially inspired you? Why?

FS: New York inspires me. Everyone inspires me in some way. People are beautiful. Even if they’re awful, at least there’s a lesson.

If I had to say someone specifically in nightlife I find inspiring right now? THE YOUTH! I would say my hosts BeauJangless & Monsieur Nicc. Not only are they stylish and true otherworldly eccentrics, they are SO KIND and lovely. I adore the young kids in the Kiki Vogue scene. I just DJ’d Phluid Project’s runway show and in-store event yesterday hosted by Chauncey the Cunty (also a DreamLand host ) and it makes me so happy and proud to see the freshman class of new New Yorkers being SO kind, SO lovely, SO talented. They are not pressed, overly sensitive and whiny like the generation before them. The uppity, uptight, tortured, sensitive, victimy perspective is so 2000 and late. I’m happy to see that negative attitude wash away with their relevance.

DXD: You’ve been sober for more than a year now, yes? What is the biggest impact that has had on your role in nightlife?

FS: It’ll be two years in August. It’s the greatest decision and gift I’ve ever given myself. I LOVE that people are able to have it in their life, and I miss it, but it’s not for me. I just can’t right now. If I am a producer, I need to PRODUCE. I have too much head of the dinner table work to do. I gotta serve myself greatness first, before I can serve greatness to the ones I love around me and MY greatness is harnessed by a conscious, clear head. Frankly, it’s tougher cutting out carbs and sugar than it is alcohol and drugs. I want a milkshake SO FUCKING BAD.

DXD: Imagine you were not a producer right now. Where would you be on a Saturday night?

FS: Dinner with my man in our neighborhood in the West Village. Somewhere al fresco where we can talk and fall in love all over again. Its my favorite thing. Otherwise a show - I’m a broadway sucker. Or a strip club. I like the Sapphire Room. I like not knowing the people around me.

DXD: The MARY cabaret show at Club Cumming has shown a different side of Frankie. How has it felt to be able to express that and see the show succeed?

FS: Unimaginable. Full of gratitude. Because it was the first event that I produced and conceived sober. I was my most vulnerable and most insecure doing it. It was equally terrifying and rewarding. The drinking and the drugs was because I wasn’t comfortable in my skin so I buried myself in excess until I could deal with myself. But I knew I needed to take that crutch away if I was going to really enjoy my life. Being sober you have to feel all your feelings and think every thought. It’s fucking tough. Mary literally threw me in front of everyone at my most naked. And I think because of how authentic it was; as humans, people respond well to that. So the people came to see us and they came back every week. It is very special.

Also seeing that I am able to do more performative productions. It’s what’s next for me. I’m doing a new musical show in Brooklyn called Mary Presents: "SHOWS” and I’m also currently toying with a new original musical and a TV show that’s been a back and forth project with me for the last two years.


DXD: I consider you the master of the “stunt.” Anyone having a moment in queer culture can often be seen booked for you the same week they make waves. What have been your best/fav stunts to date and why?

FS: The funny thing is is that it’s not even conscious most times. Doing as many events as I do, the talent pool just starts to shrink so I have to pull from everywhere… and sometimes its from a headline. I will say the most insane event I was going to do was with Michele Wolf right after her speech at the Press Correspondents’ dinner with a surprise performance by Madonna. It was my pride party last year, but it was cancelled due to the venue being a lil bitch. But there will be more stunts to follow. GODMOTHER: HALLOWEEN is gonna be a stunt. I actually just signed the contract for said stunt. Stay tuned!

DXD: Do you think there is anything negatively affecting NYC nightlife that you wish could be changed?

FS: Awful, mean and boring event producers who exploit our culture and a community that they don’t belong to, so they can make money.

DXD: What’s one thing you wish you could say to every guest before they arrive to your party?

FS: You are beautiful. You are welcome. What can I give you to bring you all the joy?

DXD: Top Three Things you love seeing at your parties:

FS: People kissing. People dancing. People unhinged.

DXD: Top Three Things you loathe seeing at your parties:

FS: People standing on a dance floor on their phone. People snickering about other people because they themselves feel insecure. People being rude in any kind of way. Being a cunt isn’t cool, it just looks like you hate yourself.

DXD: In 2014, James Michael Nichols for Huffpost Queer Voices asked, “What do you hope to see as the future of nightlife in NYC?”

Your response was, “Less ego. Less pretense. Original programming. More smiles. More dancing. More love. This is New York City. We invented nightlife, let’s show it.”

Do you think we’ve lived up to that hope? And how would you answer today?

FS: Awwwwww. I love revisiting that. I do everything LOVE first. It feels nice to see what I said years ago and know that I’ve worked everyday with that same ideology. That makes me proud of myself, actually.

DXD: It should. Last question. Leather or lace?

FS: The mood always is a vintage studded leather over Valentino Chantilly lace.

Frankie Sharp with Junior Gautier Sharp

Frankie Sharp with Junior Gautier Sharp

Thank you Frankie! You can keep up with all the Sharp Shenaniganz, Stuntz, and Showz by following him on IG at @frankiesharp.

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